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tv   News  ABC  September 15, 2010 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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sunshine and a few clouds. a guaranteed high of 78. let's check out the traffic now with kim brown. >> an accident on the bridge and it is on the final stages of getting cleared but pretty lengthy delays. traffic is jammed there and toward the toll plaza it will be jammed up there, as well. allow yourself a few extra minutes. delays are running at least over ten minutes so keep that in mind before you get out the door. an accident there. a crashen involving a pedestrian. another accident near the beltway. you'll see emergency crews on the scene there. on the west side outer loop, 7 minutes. there. that is about a 4 minute trip.
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jamie back to you. itis is 6:31. democrat kevin will face off against ken holt. let's go to sherrie johnson live. who will take over for jim smith? >> good morning to you jamie. i'm here in front of the old courthouse. jim smith's office soon. we will find out who will replace him. take a look here at your screen. the democratic nods for baltimore county executive is going to be the closest primary race in decades for that office. 94% of the prescription are reporting it looks like kevin is leading with 52% of the vote and joe has about 44% of the votes. both men served four terms on the county council and we caught up with them last night
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at their respective camps. >> i have never ever seen an election turnout this low and it was so low it was unbelievable. it was a good day, good weather day and they didn't turn out. that is a shame. >> the numbers have been cast. they haven't been reported. once they are reported we can corn firm where we safely are and have good news for our camp we hope. >> the winner will face off against ken holt. >> has you covered with all the results. check out who will be head to head in your district coming in november. >> plus we have all the in the views with candidates so go to
6:33 am >> celebrating a number of victories. in the last big primary before november, if you're wondering how things are shaping up here is emily schmidt with a wrap up. >> reporter: one of the nation's smallest states is now home to one of the year's largest political upsets. >> no more politics as usual. >> reporter: christine o'donnell who had won and lost twice, won this time. she beat long-term congressman mike castle with the backing of the tea party and sarah palin. >> thank you, governor palin for your endorsement. >> the voters have spoken and i respect that decision. >> reporter: republican leaders thought castle could pick up biden's old seat.
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if she was to be our nominee, we would lose the seat and lose it by unprecedented numbers. >> tea party. he beat rick. >> if we have learned anything tonight it is that new yorkers are mad as bleep. >> we're not going to take it anymore. [ applause ] >> reporter: nationwide vote eerie train. >> the career politicians need to go for awhile and we need to bring in some fresh people. >> reporter: the study of this year's primary races shows 4 million more democrats have voted. new york congressman charlie range el won easily. he says he is returning to capitol hill stronger than ever. emily schmidt abc news
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musician kid rock is depending hill self after getting into a fight inside a restaurant. all caught on tape. he is citing a civil lawsuit that systems from a brawl that was in this waffle house in. kid rock, his real name is robert james rich chi. he is being sued because he said he was beat up by kid rock's entourage. he pleaded guilty. he got 12 months probation and
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anger management. >> he aced one of the toughest exams on her first try. she could be considered your typical teenager with her love for zombie books and a plan terry up. she took the ac ts and earned a perfect score at 36. her only wish is that her mom and dad could be with her to celebrate. she lost them back in march. she will wait until next year for the s.a.t.s. >> when you fly coach do you feel cramped. a new way to trim leg room in the cheapest seats. an italian firm has created a space saving airlines seat. it went on display yesterday in the expo in long beach california. it was designed for short flights and will allow more passengers between rows. it has not been approved yet by
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the federal aviation administration. >> sounds weird. >> get up on that saddle. >> talk about tight in a airplane, this is a tight race. >> well, it is the morning after the primary and we still don't know who the winner is. why it is going to take a few days before the results are finalized. >> plus the results are still coming in for the race for baltimore county executive. find out who is in the lead right now. >> gas we know is expensive. how you can help police find the people who are just taking it. >> we have ourselves a clear, quiet morning. some dealing with patchy fog. it is clear in downtown baltimore. reporting 55 degrees so a little bit of a nip in the air. by the way, three active storms in the tropics. we'll show you that in a
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minute. >> that earlier accident on the key bridge has been cleared. we have an accident in pikeville. that will affect you this morning. we'll have a complete look at traffic when good morning maryland returns after this.
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this is your abc2news to go. i'm jamie costello. >> and 1500 votes separate the candidates and absentee ballots have to be count the. when will we know? >> we'll find out. >> we are taking a look, fife complete sweeps and we're quiet. patchy fog this morning. clear sky camera image. that is not completely clear, a couple of clouds on the right side of the screen. this is the welcome back to the weather network at 53 degrees there. temperatures ranging from a
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warmer 60 in manchester. >> otherwise, a mostly sunny sky. 78 degrees. we'll be talking about the three active tropical systems coming up in a couple of minutes. here is kim brown with traffic. >> that earlier accident has been cleared. there is one accident at this time. volumes will slowing around the area. we're at liberty road. speeds will be down there. same thing on the northeast corner, slow from bellaire to charles street. we'll get a look in a moment. >> it was hot going in and hotter coming out. it is the morning after. are we any closer to find out who is in charge of protecting our city >> here is the latest. good morning linda. >> reporter: hey jimmy.
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neither jessamy or burnstein have a victory. burnstein has a narrow lead of 49% of the vote. only 1400 separate the two. absentee ballots have not been counted. they will tally those votes on thursday. burnstein lead is with about 1400 votes but 3600 democrats requested absentee ballots. 1600 have been returned as of tuesday. last night both candidates met with supporters and both are feeling confident they ran a good race. >> from all the polling places that we went to throughout the day, we got the same level of enthusiasm and excitement that we have gotten throughout this campaign and we have gone through neighborhoods around the city. >> we are confident that the voters elected the best person
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so we'll await the return. so again with 100% of the precincts reporting burnstein leads with 1400 votes right now, but absentee ballots have not been counted. 6:47. another hot race in the primaries. the fight for the democratic nods for executive is proving to be the closest primary race in decades. 95% of the precincts are reporting kevin is leading with 52% of the votes and joe is behind him with 44% of the votes. kevin is a lawyer while joe a farmer. those men served four terms as council members. they will face off against ken holt. with much drama with the
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gubernatorial. bob ehrlich topping out brian murphy who was endorsed by sarah palin. here is what the candidates had to say. >> these have been tough years, but we have been making progress even through these tough years and the people when given a chance to move forward or move back, they have moved forward. >> people are fleeing the state everyday. our message is stop, wait, give us seven weeks. >> [ laughter ] >> give us seven weeks. [ laughter ] >> there is hope. >> so we will see november 2nd rematch of the 2006 maryland governor's race. longtime u.s. senator barbara mikulski easily wins over six challengers.
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he was running that comical t v ad and targeted her. she is seeking her fourth term to the u.s. senate. >> voters also cast their ballots for state control her. we have democrat incumbent unopposed. he will be opposed by campbell for the department of the veteran affairs. 6:49 right now. the republican primary for baltimore county sheriff. we're looking at two candidates on the democrat incumbent. fisher in november. 66% for ba silly and 33% for richard pair ren. >> harper county, republican county david craig is the incumbent, 64% over. >> and for the congressional races. nominations up for grabs in the
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primary. cummings will face off against frank mara belly. he will take on democratic nominee. he will have a shot at the re- election in november. the third district. he bill get a chance to fight for his seat against joe wilhelm. he just around midnight the associated press called the waterfront center seat for bill ferguson. he says he is inspired by where the city is headed. della could not be reached. >> go to our web site and check out who is going to be head to head in your district come november. plus we'll have interviews with
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some of the candidates at check it out. >> we have a man and woman arrested and charged with murder. the 22-year-old and 19-year-old both from hemstead both charged in the death. neighbors found him collapsed outside his apartment with an apparent stab wound to the chest. he admitted to stabbing the victim. >> wes fargo said a federal judge dismissed it's. the judge throughout the initial claim that wells fargo said the bad loans cost baltimore millions of dollars. he ruled it was impossible to
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hold them responsible. specific costs rose from this vacant and foreclosed homes. >> thieves have taken it further. police say more than 1500- gallons of the gas, diesel fuel has been stolen from underground storage tanks at two area gas stations. this one is near an nap miss. police thought they might have surveillance video but they didn't. they are trying to see how they got away with the fuel. >> somebody had to see something. i mean, not everyone can have their eyes closed at one time. it had to bow a big truck or at least more than one person involved. >> there were surveillance cameras but they were not
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working at the time. it is 6:53. some people walked away with a bobblehead that was free and some god to hit third in the lineup. markakis hits a home run here. jake threw six. 16 hits, 11 runs in an 11-3 win over toronto. orioles and blue jays tonight. >> frank zap pa will be at the library, well sort of. his bus will be installed on top of a pedestal. 9:00 this morning, the sculpture is a replica of artwork in litsch though wayne ya. this sunday 2:00, the sculpture, there will be a
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dedication. >> 6:54. three named tropical systems. going back to 1995. we had two category 4 storms. 135-mile-an-hour winds. will stay in the open waters of the atlantic. igor was up to 155 overnight. now down to 145. weakened a little. head today bermuda off the east coast. we'll have big waves. then the caribbean. this is karl. karl has winds of 65 miles per hour. it will hit mexico today. may reach hurricane strength. it will do so with a second landfall well south of the texas border this weekend. three named tropical systems.
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that is active and it is anything but active around here. clear skies and we're quiet. mid-50s to low 60s. patchy fog. a repeat of yesterday. next weather system with thunderstorms in the mountains late thursday. could be through here by friday morning. then we hit the stage for a nice weekend. guaranteed high today 78 degrees. we drop back into the 50s again overnight. tomorrow a late shower possible through friday morning. then temperatures 79 saturday, but sunny and 83 on sunday. >> kim. >> justin, a lot of our earlier incidents cleared ay was. that crash at the beltway is gone. there is just a disabled vehicle on the scene. volume on the beltway on the west side at liberty road. traveling below speed. no major delays. a five minute delay between 795 and 70.
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northeast corner, slow going again headed towards charles street. those are running two to three minutes. a water main break delaney valley road. water in the roadway. crews on the scene. traffic is able to get by. megan. >> thanks. coming up, new questions this morning about why a delta pilot was pulled from the cockpit moments from the flying. we'll have more on the anonymous tipster that raised concerns that the pilot was drunk. >> he won the heisman trophy and gave it back. >> has that ever happened before? >> oj sold it because he was forced to, but vince young says he will take it.
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